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Organic Vegetables
Carton of Eggs
Our Food Program
    Snacks at Footprints Preschool are teachable moments. We use this time to work on fine motor skills as we prepare our food for consumption. Math skills are encouraged as we count out what is on our plates. We practice language skills by talking about our day and what we are eating. We also spend time talking about what foods are healthy and how they help our bodies.

 For example: "Oranges are full of vitamin C which help us fight off  colds. Let's all hold up our oranges and take a bite together to stay healthy!" 

We also talk about foods that are "sometimes" foods for special occasions. 

       At Footprints Preschool, we believe health habits start early. We focus on promoting fruit and vegetable consumption by encouraging the children to try them with us, and we purchase organic or non GMO foods as much as possible.

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