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 Philosophy & Curriculum

At Footprints Preschool we believe in the power of play. We use a mix of the following curriculums:

Play-Based Learning:

We provide hands-on learning experiences which are rooted in play. The work of the child is to play and explore. We teach concepts such as letter recognition, math, science, and literacy skills through games, activities, music and fun. This can be done in large groups, small groups, or one-on-one teacher interactions. We also have free play throughout our day. Children often times, learn how to manage emotions, problem solve and self-help skills while playing with others. The role of the teacher is to help facilitate children as needed

Reggio Emilia Philosophy/ Emergent Curriculum:

Student-centered and constructivist self-guided curriculum that uses self-directed learning in relationship-driven environments.


Rather than starting with a lesson plan emergent curriculum starts with observations of the children's interests. Teachers take this interest and create a plan of possibilities of activities and areas to expand upon the child's knowledge of the topic.

Bible Curriculum:

Our Christian beliefs and values are sprinkled throughout our day. We talk about Jesus and God organically, as He comes up in conversation. We also have a weekly Chapel time and is about 15 minutes long in the church with the Pastor. This time is filled with songs and Bible stories. Teachers follow up on the Pastor's Bible story throughout the week with a variety of activities such as art and retelling the story in a different way. We also pray before meals, snacks, and anytime we need or want. We want children to know that Jesus loves and cares for them.


We take pride in our classrooms and so they are prepared to spark curiosity and learning. We believe the space should be beautiful as well as functional. We believe our space should represent all the different children, families, and teachers that in our classrooms. We do this through family pictures and creating a space that everyone feels welcomed and loved.

Our teachers are some of the most talented and dedicated in the field of Early Childhood education. They take extra time and care to make sure all the learning is documented and shared with the parents. Each year the teachers make a portfolio for each child to take home.

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