Our Philosophy

At Footprints Preschool we believe in the power of play. We use a mix of the following three curriculums.

Reggio Emilia Philosophy:

Student-centered and constructivist self-guided
curriculum that uses self-directed, experiential learning in
relationship-driven environments.

● Rather than starting with a lesson plan which requires a
“hook” to get the children interested, emergent
curriculum starts with the observation of the children for
insight into their interests


Emergent Curriculum:
To plan an emergent curriculum
● Observation
● Documentation
● Creative brainstorming
● Flexibility
● Patience

Bible Curriculum

Our Christian beliefs and values are sprinkled throughout our day. We talk about Jesus and God organically as he come up in conversation. We also have a weekly Chapel time. It is about 15 minutes long in the church with the Pastor. This time is filled with songs and Bible stories. Teachers follow up on the Pastor's Bible story throughout the week with a variety of activities such as art and retelling the story in a different way. We also pray before meals, snacks and anytime we need. We want children to know Jesus loves them and they are a child of God.

Girl Praying