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Our Classrooms

At Footprints we have three classrooms with an amazing ratio of 1:9. Our classrooms are bright, fresh and have a cozy feel to them. We take great pride in our environment and believe it sparks curiosity and creates space to learn and grow.  We love to bring nature and natural elements into our spaces by creating projects with natural materials. Footprints is truly a unique and special place. 

The Little Fish Class

     Our Little Fish Class is for our youngest friends ages two to three. Your child does not need to be potty trained to join the fun. This classroom is a great first-time learning environment where children learn to socialize and develop friendships with each other. The children learn through hands on exploration and play. Our Little Fish teachers are great at establishing routines and predictability thought out the day. The little Friends love to do messy art, scenery play, circle time activities, outside play and more. The children work on concepts such as colors, shapes and counting. 

The Seahorse Class

     The Seahorse Class is for children ages three to four. This classroom is busy and full of life. The teachers is the Seahorse classroom love to encourage messy art, hands on experience in math, science and language and literacy. The day is full of stories, circle time activities, play and fun. This classroom also accepts children who are not potty-trained. Circle time in this classroom extends in length in comparison to the Little Fish Classroom. By the end of the school year, the children are engaged in circle time for about 15 minutes at one time. We also begin to introduce letters and numbers in this classroom in order to prepare them for the Sand Dollar (Pre-K) class. 

The Sand Dollar Class

The Sand Dollar Classroom is full of learning and fun. This class also has a lot of hands-on exploration, messy art, science experiments, long term projects, music, literacy activities and more. This classroom builds on the learning that takes place in the previous two classrooms. In this class we are preparing for TK and kindergarten. We encourage self-help skills such as responsibly but also asking for help as needed. This class has a mix of free exploration and teacher-lead activities. By the time they graduate from Footprints, the children are confident in their creative, social and academic skills they need in order to move on to elementary school.

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